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MOST Construction Company is one of the leading Russian enterprises in the construction industry.

The history of the company started in 1991 at the Baikal-Amur Mainline (BAM), when personnel of Mostootryad-55,the bridge building company included into Bridge Building Trust No. 10, founded MOST private partnership. During those time of hardships, when the ?construction project of the century? was frozen, people started abandoning BAM, leaving behind equipment and half-ready railroad tracks and bridges as well. Many of them were leaving the best parts of their lives there, since BAM had been a severe but still an effective school of life that had taught them friendship and mutual assistance.

We all know that one soldier does not make a battle, and that the only way to survive and keep working at the beginning of the nineties was to gather friends and soul mates who were ready to believe that the main road of their life would not be a road to nowhere, whatever the newspapers said.

And people trusted. Those, who stayed in Transbaikalia in 1991 together with Vladimir Vasilievich Kostylev and Evgeny Georgievich took enormous effort and having just three used cranes and a vehicle fleet of 6 truck at their disposal, managed to do something that had been deemed impossible: due to excellent reputation of the bridge builders (Mostootryad-55 was considered to be one of the best bridge building groups at the BAM) the company secured orders for repair of several objects at the Transbaikalia Railway. (See Our biography section for information on the main stages of company development).

The first proceeds were invested in purchasing new equipment and building apartments for bridge builders. Later, company management used every opportunity to improve living conditions of their employees, as people have always been the most valuable capital of MOST Construction Company.

Former BAM builders are still the backbone of the company; they preserve and pass over the basic principles of their work to the younger generations of bridge builders: responsibility for the common cause; commitment to fulfill any tasks however difficult they seem to be in time and with the highest quality possible; readiness to help their friends and colleagues at any moment. These are the main principles of successful development of any company.

Today MOST Construction Company is engaged in construction and repair of railroads and motor roads, small and large bridges, tunnels, ports and docks, hydraulic structures, landing strips. The company develops investment activity.

MOST Construction Company is the associated member of Intergovernmental Council of Road Builders of the CIS countries and a member of the Association of Bridge Builders of Russia (AMOST Fund).

High mobility, experienced personnel, modern equipment and strict compliance with quality standards helped SK MOST gain reputation of a reliable partner. We cherish the trust that our customers have in us and are always ready for a constructive dialog, trying to find optimal solutions for any task.

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