Corporate history

1991 – The "MOST" LLC was founded by the specialists of the Mostootryad-55, a bridge building Company of the Mosstroy-10 corporation. Workover of the bridges on the Trans-Baikal Railway was underway.

1992 – The production base built at Amazar Station started to output first products.

1994 – A production base was purchased and upgraded in the city of Belogorsk, Amour Region.

1995-1997 – Construction and repair operations at the facilities of the Trans-Baikal Railway continued. An administrative and service building and residential houses for Company employees were built in the city of Belogorsk.

1998 – The first Moskva River Danilovsky bridge reconstruction site was deployed and became operational.

1999 – The SK MOST took part in construction of 160 projects on four railways of the Russian Federation Ministry of Railways. They included the following projects: a bridge over the Chapaevka River, Kuybyshev Railway; a bridge over the Vyatka River in Kotelnich, Gorky Railway; bridges on Moscow-Adler high-speed railway line, South-Eastern Railway. Operations were underway at over 150 project sites on the Trans-Baikal Railway. Reconstruction of the bridge over the Zeya River was started.

Belogorsk. Production facilities, 1994 Reconstruction of the bridge across the Zeya River, 2001

2000 — The divisions of the Construction Company MOST operated on six railways of the Russian Federation Ministry of Railways.
Reconstruction of the bridge over the Moskva River in Kolomna was started.
The SK MOST professionals started to build a railway bridge over the Buzan River on the Privolzhskaya Railway.
Work was underway on the bridge over the Ufa River, and medium- and small-size auxiliary structures were built.

2001 — The Construction Company MOST started operations on the North Caucasus Railway. At the same time construction and reconstruction operations at the facilities on seven railways of the Russian Federation Railway Ministry were underway.
The most significant projects included bridges over the rivers Kalitva, Khoper, Samara, Bolshoy Voronezh, Cheptsa, Bisert, Oka (city of Kashira).

2002 – The divisions of the SK MOST started to build and upgrade facilities on the Sverdlovsk and Kaliningrad Railways. At the same time, operations were running at over 260 project sites located on nine railways in Russia.
The new large-size projects included a bridge over the Kama River at Sarapul Station; a bridge over the Vyatka River (city of Vyatskie Polyany); and a bridge over the Utka River.
Reconstruction of the bridge over the Oka River in Murom was underway.

2003 – When work was started at the projects of the Northern Railway, the geographical area of SK MOST construction operations has expanded to cover ten railways. The most significant projects included bridges over the rivers Sheksna, Kerzhach, Serdoba, Cheremshan, Olshanka, Moskva, Seraya, Tysya, Volga (city of Syzran).
A berth and a grain processing terminal were built in Astrakhan. Operations have been completed on reconstruction of Sheremetievo overpass in Moscow.
Reconstruction of the bridge over the Volga River in Ulyanovsk was started.

Grain terminal, Astrakhan, 2003 Sheremetyevo overpass, Moscow

2004 – The SK MOST was running operations on 11 railways by that time. The Company's divisions started operations on the Eastern Siberia Railway. The total number of projects has grown over 280. Construction of the second tracks was started and also construction of a bridge over the Unzha River was commenced in the Bouy-Vologda section of the Northern Railway. Construction of a highway bridge over the Podkumok River in Kislovodsk was started. In addition, work was underway to build auxiliary structures, a terminal, and access tracks on the Yandykin – Olya railway line. Construction of an overpass in the city of Korolev, Moscow Region, commenced. Reconstruction of the bridge over the Don River, South-Eastern Railway, was started.

Culvert at the Chita - Khabarovsk highway Tyumen, Morris Torrez St. Construction of a traffic interchange.

2005 – Company was running operations on 12 railways in Russia by that time. Work was underway simultaneously at 560 project sites. The most important projects of the year were bridges over the rivers Kotorosl, Krivaya Bolda, and Pyshma. Construction of a culvert and a lift bridge started in Saint Petersburg as part of a system of installations providing city protection against flooding.
Operations were started to build a transportation overpass in the city of Penza. Construction of a large-size road interchange and several overpass bridges was underway in Tyumen. Work was conducted simultaneously at several dozens project sites of "Amour" Chita – Khabarovsk motorway.
Construction of a viaduct over Ryabinovy Log Canyon was started on the Gorky Railway.

Overpass in Korolev, Moscow region Reconstruction of the bridge across the Kotorosl River St. Petersburg. Drawbridge asa part of the city’s flood protection system

2006 – Construction of a bridge over the Ob River was started on the Western Siberia Railway. The Company commenced construction of a bridge over the Staraya Pregolya and Novaya Pregolya rivers in Kaliningrad.
The SK MOST started to deploy new business lines: Comprehensive operations have been completed to erect a rock/earth-filled dam at the Boguchansk Hydroelectric Power Station; construction of a bank spillway was underway at the Sayano-Shushensk Hydroelectric Power Station; work has been completed to improve the runway of Ulan-Ude airport.

Sayano-Shushenskaya HPP. Construction of a bank sluiceway Modernization of a runway at the Ulan-Ude airport Overpass in Tyumen

2007 – SK MOST divisions took part in construction of the second largest pumped storage hydroelectric power plant in Russia, Zagorsk Pumped Storage Hydroelectric Power Plant-2. Construction of a motorway in Kaliningrad Region has been completed. Reconstruction of the bridge over the Volga River in the city of Zelenodlsk was underway.
Work on bank consolidation and reconstruction of the Amour River embankment started in Blagoveshchensk.

Highway in the Kaliningrad region Construction of Zagorsk HPSPP-2.

2008 – Construction of a bridge to the Russky Island over the Eastern Bosphorus Strait was started in Vladivostok.
Construction of a bridge over the Onon River has been completed in the Trans-Baikal region; a motorway in Chita Region was commissioned.
Construction of 12 auxiliary structures was started on the "Primoskoe koltso" route in Kaliningrad Region. A railway bridge over the Yauza River and an overpass crossing the Dmitrov Highway have been commissioned and reconstruction of the Saburovo bridge was close to completion in Moscow.

2009 – Construction of a combination motorway and railway Adler – "Alpika-Service" Mountain Resort was started in Sochi.
The SK MOST was running operations on 16 railways and was deploying a new line of business, tunnel construction.
A new Kuznetsovsky tunnel was driven on the Far East Railway. Construction of Bolshoy Novorossiysky tunnel in Krasnodar Region has been completed. Service was opened through Lagar-Aul tunnel on the Far East Railway after tunnel reconstruction has been completed.
Service was opened on the overpass in Podolsk. The motorway overpass at Matsievskaya Station on the Trans-Baikal Railway has been commissioned.

2010 – The SK MOST has concentrated its major resources on construction of the largest transportation infrastructure projects in Sochi and Vladivostok.
A record-breaking cable-stayed bridge over the East Bosporus Strait is being built as part of the program of development of the city of Vladivostok, which has become an international cooperation center in the Asian Pacific region; the Company takes part in the upgrading of the federal highway route M-60 "Ussury" and in construction of a motorway Novy – De-Friz – Sedanka – Patrokl Bay; a berth is being built on the Russky Island.
Construction of bridges and tunnels is underway on route from Adler to "Alpika-Service" for the 2014 Winter Olympics in Sochi. Construction of a cable-stayed bridge, which will be the first of its kind in the south of Russia, was started at the 25th kilometer of the route. Maly Novorossiysky railway tunnel has been completed in Krasnodar Region.

Moscow, Russia
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