Air Transport Infrastructure / Heliport

Heliport Construction on Russky Island

Work started in July 2011; work completed in August 2012.

The project was built under the Federal Program "Economic and Social Development of the Far East and Trans-Baikal Region through the Year 2013." The state customer of the project is the Federal Agency of Air Transport of the Russian Federation; FSUE "Administration of Civil Airports (Air Fields)" was a customer/developer; and JSC USK MOST was the General Contractor.

Scope of Operations:

  • construction of the paved runway;
  • construction of a connecting taxiway;
  • construction of a platform for four aircraft with the possibility of independent taxiing;
  • construction of an air traffic control facility;
  • building a parking area, a special parking lot for a fire engine, and a new driveway.

The heliport was commissioned before the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation Summit and was used for serving the participants and guests of the APEC-2012. The heliport is currently used for the needs of the Far Eastern Federal University and residents of Russky Island.

Heliport Construction on Russky Island Heliport Construction on Russky Island Heliport Construction on Russky Island

  • Runway reconstruction at the Ulan-Ude Airport
  • Passenger Terminal at the Knevichi Airport Station
  • Heliport
  • Moscow, Russia
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