Berlin Bridge on the southern bypass of Kaliningrad
Road construction / Berlin Bridge on the southern bypass of Kaliningrad

The Bridge Crossing over the Staraya Pregolya and Novaya Pregolya Rivers on the Southern Bypass of Kaliningrad.

The work started in December 2010 and was completed in December 2013.

The bridge length is 640.4 m. The total length of the bridge with the approaches is 1800 m. The bridge roadway width is 11.25 m; the sidewalks are 1.5 meters wide; the bridge has 3 lanes, with the lane width of 3.75 m.

Bridge design: 23.7x3+36.4+64.8+36.4+23.7x3+23.7x3+23.7x3+36.4+64.8+36.4+23.7x3 m.

Scope of Operations:

  • Setting-up construction and support sites and roads;
  • Building temporary bridges over the river bed of the Old and New Pregolya rivers;
  • Relocating utility lines that are within the area of construction;
  • Putting in place crane runways in the floodplain bridge section, installing a gantry crane for installation of new bridge span structures and for disassembly of the old bridge;
  • Sheet piling on the river bed using the Larsen-V metal sheet piles;
  • Building a new bridge and approaches;
  • Putting in place a lighting system and a navigation signaling system.

The bridge will have custom-made continuous girder steel/concrete span structures. The bridge will have cast-in-place reinforced concrete pillars. The pillars will have driven slant pile footings made of 530-mm diameter pipes, each having a blind shoe, a reinforcing cage, and concrete filling.

Construction equipment:

  • Junttan RM26 Drilling Rig;
  • RDK25 25-ton Crane;
  • KS-5473 40-ton cranes;
  • ???? NK-750 75-ton cranes;
  • Hydraulic jacks and hoists;
  • K-65 gantry Crane;
  • KS-7163 Crawler Cranes ;
  • Concrete mixer trucks and concrete pump trucks.

General Contractor: OJSC USK MOST. Subcontractor - LLC "SPETSMOST.

A motorway on the southern bypass of Kaliningrad is of great economic importance both for the city and for the region, providing a road link connecting Russia to Poland, Germany, and the Baltic states. At present, the southern Kaliningrad bypass motorway cannot cope with the traffic flow because of insufficient throughput capacity of the Berlin Bridge, located at the 22nd kilometer of the route Kaliningrad ? Russia state border with Poland.

After the construction work has been completed, the bridge crossing will have a total of six lanes - three lanes on the new bridge, and three lanes on the old bridge. The Berlin (Palmburg) Bridge was built in 1938 in the eastern suburbs of Königsberg near the town of Palmburg (now the town of Pribrezhnoe). The bridge was built of reinforced concrete, with a length of 633 meters.

Berlin Bridge Berlin Bridge Berlin Bridge
Berlin Bridge Berlin Bridge Berlin Bridge

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