Overpass in the city of Podolsk
Road construction / Overpass in the city of Podolsk

Motorway overpass in the city of Podolsk, Moscow Region

The work started late in 2007 and was completed in October 2009.

Construction of an overpass across the tracks of the Moscow Railway, at the 45th kilometer of the Moscow-Kursk line.

The overpass overall length is 500 meters. The roadway has four lanes, two lanes in each direction. The total length of the motorway including the access sections is over 1200 meters.

The cast-in-place 6 to 13-meter high reinforced concrete piers are installed on the foundation formed by driven piles. The span structures, which are 24 to 67-meter long, are made as metal box girders with an orthotropic plate. The span structures were assembled into continuous girders using welding only.

The top part of the pavement consists of mastic asphalt concrete with rubble aggregate, which was used for the first time in road building in Podolsk.

A pedestrian overpass was built near Kutuzovskaya platform to complete the traffic management project that ensures the pedestrian crossing of the Moscow railway tracks at the 45th kilometer of the Moscow-Kursk line.


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