Seaport Facilities Near the Town of Sabetta
Hydraulic engineering / Seaport Facilities Near the Town of Sabetta

Construction of Seaport Facilities Near the Town of Sabetta

The work started on September 26, 2012 and will be completed on December 31, 2015.

The first phase is to dredge a temporary channel (3.9 kilometer long and 240 meters wide) and the inner harbor water area (12 meters deep). This will allow the transport barges to deliver equipment to the port construction site The total scope of the dredging operations for the project is 16,986,450 cubic meters including the approach channel (9,141,100 cubic meters), the water area (7,745,050 cubic meters) and clamshell clean-up of a 10-meter-wide area along the quays (100,300 cubic meters).

The temporary facilities will be put in place as part of construction of the seaport in the area of the town of Sabetta (Yamal Region of the Yamal-Nenets Autonomous Enclave of the Tyumen Region) on the west shore of the Gulf of Ob as follows:

  • 4 kilometer long approach channel, which is 420 meters wide and 12 meters deep;
  • auxiliary berthing water area;
  • coastal navigation equipment (front and rear leading marks, mounted on a concrete base, 16 buoys, optical equipment, glowing navaid "Port");
  • monitoring and correction station that locate the vessel positions accurately when they approach the coast (a suit of equipment of a differentiating GPS/GLONASS "Akva-Stantsiya" system; a remote monitoring and control station; the NAVITEL VRD 750 Beacon with a transmitting antenna).

In 2012, the scope of the dredging operations was over 1.5 million cubic meters. The target of the dredging operations' in the year 2013 is about 10 million cubic meters.

The following equipment was used during the 2013 navigation period:

  • 2 milling dredgers;
  • 2 bilge suction dredgers;
  • 8 dump lighters;
  • support vessels (2 motorized flatboats, a tug boat, and a motor boat). General Contractor: OJSC USK MOST. Subcontractor: Jan De Nul n.v.

The seaport facilities are built as part of a comprehensive plan for developing LNG production on the Yamal Peninsula. The Port Handling Facility is designed for:

  • offloading LNG, gas condensate, and crude to maritime carriers;
  • for receiving goods required for port construction and for operation of gas liquefaction facilities;
  • for supporting harbor craft.

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