Zagorsk Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Power Plant-2
Hydraulic engineering / Zagorsk Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Power Plant-2

Zagorsk HPSPP - 2

Moscow Region, Sergiev-Posad district

Work started: 2007; to be completed: 2014.

Construction of Russia’s second major Hydroelectric Pumped Storage Power Plant. The new power plant will be built near the currently functioning Zagorsk HPSPP, its installed capacity will be 840 MW.

The first stage of Zagorsk HPSPP-2 (420 MW) will be launched in 2010.

According to the project MOST Construction Company specialists are performing the following work:

  • Reinforcing the existing dam of the upper accumulating reservoir.
  • Building public concrete roads. At the stage of constructing the HPSPP these roads are used as the access routes and once the construction is completed, they will become a part of the transport infrastructure of the Zagorsk station.
  • Building the joint section of the dam of the upper accumulating reservoir.
  • Preparing the groundwork for the HPSPP building.
  • Building delivery pipelines (4 pipes by 800 meters long and 7.5 m in diameter each).


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