Kossino-Ukhtomskaya - Nekrasovka Section in Moscow
Subway / Kossino-Ukhtomskaya - Nekrasovka Section in Moscow

Construction of Moscow Subway Kozhukhovskaya line Kossino-Ukhtomskaya - Nekrasovka section.

The work started in 2013 and is to be completed in 2015.

Length of the facilities:

  • Left stage tunnel - 1,381.8 m;
  • Right stage tunnels - 1,394.4 m;
  • Nekrasovka Station facilities - 380 m;
  • Kossino-Ukhtomskaya Station facilities - 300 m;
  • Turn-around siding downstream the Nekrasovka Station - 340 m;
  • Open-pit tunnel - 290 m;
  • Branch line to the Rudnevo Electric Depot - 1,022.5 m.

Scope of Operations:
  • Building 2 stage tunnels;
  • Building one tunnel ventilation facility and one water drainage plant;
  • Building the Nekrasovka and Kossino-Ukhtomskaya stations (foundation pit excavation, erection of major reinforced concrete structures, internal station civil work, backfilling, and area improvement);
  • Station facility and stage tunnel permanent installations and outfitting;
  • Building of the branch line to the Rudnevo Electric Depot.

The left stage tunnel will be driven using the Herrenknecht-6340 Tunnel-Boring Machine, and the Lovat RME 242 Tunnel-Boring Machine will be used to drive the right stage tunnel. The tunneling will be conducted moving from the Kossino-Ukhtomskaya Station.

The branch line to the Rudnevo Electric Depot will be built by an open-pit method.

The station facilities are built by the open-pit method. The Nekrasovka and Kossino-Ukhtomskaya stations are located 12 to 16 meters deep underground. Each station will have underground lobbies connected to the platforms by flights of stairs, escalators and also by elevators for disabled passengers.

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