Dzerzhinskaya Line of the Novosibirsk Subway
Subway / Dzerzhinskaya Line of the Novosibirsk Subway

Building the Dzerzhinskaya Line Marshala Pokryshkina - Beryozovaya roshcha section of the Novosibirsk Subway

The work started in 2004 and completed in 2005.

Scope of Operations:
- Building a 948 meters ling stage tunnel;
- Building the Beryozovaya roshcha Station.

The stage tunnel was shield-driven, with the tunneling conducted from the Marshala Pokryshkina Station using the Lovat Tunnel-Boring Machine. -A single-span vaulted low-depth station was built in the open pit.

The station was built using a standard design: a 102-meters long platform section for a five-coach train, with an island-type platform, which is 10 meters wide, and with the lobbies at the ends. The platform is connected to the lobbies by flights of stairs. The subway entrances are combined with underpasses, with glazed tile trimming and with steel-structure pavilion ceilings.

Heat insulation of structures within the frost penetration zone was made of synthetic material heat insulation slabs instead of traditional, instead of traditional claydite insulation.

The Beryozovaya roshcha Station is located near a park bearing the same name, at the junction of Central, Dzerzhinsky and Oktyabrsky districts of Novosibirsk. When the station has been put in service, the transport links between the city districts were largely improved.

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