Baikal Railway Tunnel
Tunnel construction / Baikal Railway Tunnel

Baikal Railway Tunnel

Baikal tunnel construction in the Delbichinda ? Daban stage of the East-Siberian Railway in the 1,006th kilometer ? 1,013rd kilometer leg of the Ust-Kut ? Severobaykalsk section.

Start of construction - 2014, completion of construction - 2017.

The tunnel is 6,682.05 meters long.

    Scope of Operations:
  • driving a new single-track tunnel parallel to the existing tunnel using the 10.20-meter diameter Lovat RM394DS Tunnel-Boring Machine and installation of prefabricated reinforced concrete lining;
  • installation of a non-ballasted continuously welded track on small-size frames using damping mats;
  • construction of the west drainage gallery - 1,500 m;
  • construction of the east drainage gallery - 1,747.36 m;
  • construction of shaft drainage galleries No.1 and No. 2, each 232 meters long;
  • concreting the permanent roof and wall lining of the west and east drainage galleries;
  • building a ventilation shaft;
  • erecting cast-in-place reinforced concrete tunnel entry structures.

Tunneling is conducted by using the tunnel-boring machine moving from the west entry. The Sandvik DC 120, Axera ?11-215 Drilling Rigs are used to drive the galleries and to excavate the tunnel launch and exist chambers by using the drilling-and-blasting method.

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