Korshunovsky Railway Tunnel
Tunnel construction / Korshunovsky Railway Tunnel

Work started in November 2009; work completed in November 2012. The tunnel is 950 meters long.

The design involved reconstruction of the existing tunnel of the even-numbered track, with replacement of the tunnel lining and tunnel reworking.

The tunneling operations were conducted with the use of temporary shoring. Temporary arch supports were installed by the Himec 9915BA Superboom and Archlift Platform. Rock and broken concrete were hauled away using the Scooptram TORO-301D Underground Loader and the MoAZ 74051-9586 muck hauling trains.

Scope of Operations:

  • excavation of 58,900 cubic meters;
  • placement of cast-in-place concrete and reinforced concrete totaling 30,140 cubic meters;
  • construction of railway approaches 1880 meters long;
  • putting in place heated drainage conduit;
  • building cast-in-place reinforced concrete tunnel entry structures.

The tunnel was reworked using two methods:

  • drilling and blasting were conducted using the Axera T11-215 drilling rig, and
  • tunnel driving was done using the Scamec 2000 L mining machine.

The permanent cast-in-place tunnel lining was installed using the Saga Kogyo formwork. Concrete mix was delivered by the Transmix-3000 Truck Mixer, and concrete mix was placed in the formwork by the Putzmeister Concrete Pump.

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