Rocksky Motorway Tunnel
Tunnel construction / Rocksky Motorway Tunnel

Reconstruction of Rocksky Tunnel at the 93rd Kilometer of Alagir - Nizhni Zaramag Transkam road

The tunnel length is 3,730 meters. The gallery length is 3,805 meters.

Start of construction ? December 1, 2010.
Completion of construction ? July 11, 2012 (first phase), 2015 (second phase).

The first phase included removal of the gallery existing reinforced concrete lining, gallery re-driving to enlarge the cross-sectional area so as to allow for truck and car traffic, installation of utility lines, and putting in place tunnel entry facility areas.

The second phase is Rocksky Tunnel reconstruction. During reconstruction of the main tunnel, the widened gallery will be used for one-way reversible motor vehicle traffic between Russia and Southern Osetia.

The gallery re-driving was carried out by drilling and blasting using Atlas Copco Boomer XE3 C Face Drilling Rig and AM-75 and ATM-105 mining machines were also used.

Gallery of Roksky Tunnel

Roksky Tunnel

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