Tomusinsky Railway Tunnel
Tunnel construction / Tomusinsky Railway Tunnel

Construction of a new Tomusinsky Railway Tunnel at the 106-107th kilometer of Artyshta - Tomusinskaya section of Western Siberia Railway Line

Construction started in 2012 and to be completed in October 2015.

The new tunnel is driven by mining, 30 meters south of the existing tunnel. A multifunctional gallery will be built by shield driving in order to rule out exposure to the ground water pressure during tunneling.

Scope of Operations:

  • Construction of a 1,157.96-meter long multifunctional gallery;
  • Construction of a new 1,157.96-meter long single-track tunnel for Track II;
  • Preservation of an old 1,157.87-meter long tunnel for Track I, which was built in 1967;
  • Construction of railway approach lines of a total length of 1,976.11 meters;
  • Upgrading and building road structures for railway approach tracks (two single-span 18-meter long bridges, a culvert, and six retaining walls of a total length of 1,195 equivalent meters);
  • Contact network modification;
  • Putting in place a water drainage system over the tunnel.

The New Tomusinsky tunnel construction project is of a strategic importance for Kuzbass Region. The new tunnel will upgrade operation reliability and increase traffic through Kurgesh - Karlyk railway section. This section is part of Artyshta - Tomusinskaya railway line that connects South Siberia railway line and southern Kuzbass Region areas to the sections of Russian railway system, bypassing Novokuznetsk railway hub. OJSC RZhD, Russian Railways, is planning to double the bypass traffic there by the year 2015.

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