Bridge across the Buzan River
Railway construction / Bridge across the Buzan River

Railway bridge across the Buzan River

The bridge is at the 1,590th kilometer of the Astrakhan-Aksarayskaya section of the Volga Railway.
The Start of the construction: August 2001; the completion schedule:

  • December 2004 ? the first construction stage (the first track),
  • November 2005 ? the second construction stage (the second track),
  • September 2006 ? the third stage (disassembly of the old bridge).
  • The bridge was built on a new railway line. The bridge configuration is 23.6+4?110+45+2?88+23.6 meters. A through bridge made of the metal span structures (trusses) with the tracks on ferroconcrete slabs. A 45-meter vertical lift span for navigation. Solid reinforced concrete supports on auger piles, D = 1.5 m with widened foundations, L = 37 m.

    The project involved building supports for two tracks and a metal span structure for one track (first stage); building a span structure for the second track (second stage); dismantling the old bridge located 45 meters from the newly-built bridge (third stage). Auger piles were installed from the floating systems and service decks. The span structures were erected using the cantilevering and semi-cantilevering method, as well as from the floating systems.

    Vibrating pile drivers and Junttan PM 26 LC drilling assemblies were used to install sheeting and drilled piles. The assembly and erection were performed using heavy-duty HITACHI, GROVE, SENNEBOGEN, as well as UMK cranes.

    The construction was completed without interrupting train traffic. Upon completion of the first stage, the crossing became two-way, with trains using the first track of the new and the old bridges. With the second track completed, traffic was switched from the old bridge to the second track of the new bridge. The old bridge was then dismantled. A 45-meter vertical lift span was installed to enable navigation.


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