Pedestrian Bridge at Vologda Station
Railway construction / Pedestrian Bridge at Vologda Station

Pedestrian Bridge at Vologda Station

Construction of a new pedestrian bridge at Vologda Station at the 495th kilometer milestone of Danilov - Vologda Severnaya Railway Line.
The work started in September 2006 and completed in November 2010.

Bridge design: 20.0+28.5+43.0+39.0+13.7+46.8+34.0+16.0 m. The total bridge length less the exit stairways is 241.20 m and it is 472.15 meters including the stairways. The bridge width between the railings is 3.0 m.

The builders of the "Stroitelnomontazhny poezd" LLC have dismantled the old pedestrian bridge and erected the new bridge in 10 meters from the old one.

The bridge is built with a hemispherical roof of polycarbonate to protect the pedestrians against precipitations. The footings and span decks have been design specifically for this bridge.

The work was conducted within the intervals between trains on the tracks and also within windows when traffic on certain tracks was closed.

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