Construction of the second track
Railway construction / Construction of the second track

Construction of the second track at the Buoy ? Vologda section

In 2004, the company started building the second railway track at the Buoy ? Vologda section of the Northern Railway with the completion of the turnkey object in 2006.

The volumes of the main work are:

  • building embankments ? 1,500,000 m3;
  • hillside cutting ? 203,500 m3;
  • laying and ballasting the top track structure ? 121 km;
  • installing pointwork switches ? 113 sets;
  • building medium and small bridges ? 20 bridges;
  • building reinforced concrete pipes ? 38 items;
  • building an overpass ? 1 item;
  • building facilities and structures ? 28 items;
  • installing power supply lines ? 148.2 km.
  • Its own inventions were used during the work:

    • Patent RU 40327 U1 "Package for suspending a railway track when repairing or building artificial structures"
    • Patent RU 2239018 C1 "Method for overhauling a pipe under an embankment"
    • Patent RU 2239018 C1 "Beam bridge reconstruction method".

    On November 30, 2006, a Grand Opening for the second track and putting the first freight train into operation occurred. Putting the second track into operation allowed to increas cargo flows along the Buoy ? Vologda railway by 1.6 times.


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  • Overpasses at Khoroshevskoe Shosse in Moscow
  • Shcherbakovskaya Street Overpasses
  • Tkatskaya Street Overpasses in Moscow
  • Moscow, Russia
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