Work and leisure

The Company has been growing its business without leaving behind social programs that are aimed at providing decent living conditions for its employees. A total of 150 rapid deployment work sites support comfortable conditions for thousands of employees who live and work there using mobile homes and dormitories for accommodation, as well as catering facilities, bath houses, office buildings, power, heat, and water supply equipment.

The Company management makes a special effort to incentivize physical exercise and sports activities. Large amounts are allocated to pay for employee gym accounts. Sport contests that have been organized for many years include soccer and volleyball competitions as well as volleyball, swimming, shooting, running, tennis, and chess competitions. Teams from all businesses of the SK MOST Group of Companies take part in the competitions.


On the company?s fifteenth anniversary, its bridge builders were rewarded with a holiday in Yalta the program of which included a concert with participation of the Russian and Ukrainian stars besides the sports activities. Not only our employees but hundreds of residents and guests of the town on the sea became viewers of the show.

Moscow, Russia
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