Pylon M6 grillage construction at Nazimova has reached the completion stage

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Pylon M6 grillage construction at Nazimova has reached the completion stage. February 05, 2010Work on construction of a robust foundation for 320-meter pylon #6 of a bridge to Russky Island has reached the completion stage. Concreting of the fourth pylon grillage pour has been completed on Nazimova Peninsula. It’s volume is about 4250 m3.

Grillage is being constructed in stages, in five pours. Some 350 people were engaged in large-scale work at the 320-m pylon erection site for three months. Eight concrete pumps supplied high-quality mix simultaneously on a tight operating schedule for construction of four of the most heavyweight pours.

To date, 18 900 cubic meters of concrete have been laid in the grillage. Several plants operating at USK MOST facilities on Nazimova Peninsula and Russky Island are supplying concrete mix concurrently. Construction workers have now begun installing the concrete form and reinforcing the last (fifth) pour. The total volume of concrete laid in the grillage is about 20 000 cubic meters.

Grillage construction was completed today on 31 bridge crossing piers, confirmed Alexey Baranov, director of USK MOST’s Vladivistok branch. That is, all pylons except the 320-meter ones. Twenty-four piers have been brought to design elevation, and a few more are at the completion stage. About 158 000 cubic meters of high-quality monolithic reinforced concrete have been laid in bridge structures on Russky Island.

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