Bridges over the Chernaya and Bogataya Rivers Open for Traffic on Vladivostok – Khabarovsk Federal Route

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Bridges over the Chernaya and Bogataya rivers are now open for traffic on Vladivostok – Khabarovsk Federal Route M60.

Large-scale reconstruction operations are conducted in 733rd – 750th km section of the Federal Route as part of preparations for the APEC Summit 2012. More specifically, the USK MOST Company has completely revamped 4 bridges over the Bogataya, Chernaya, Saperka, and Peschanka rivers. The two latter bridges have been open for traffic since November last year. After asphalt paving has been placed on the last weekend on the bridge over the Chernaya River, the first vehicles moved over the bridge.

The major operations on the bridge over the Bogataya River have been completed.

Construction of a large highway interchange at the exit to Vesennyaya Station is nearing completion. The builders are putting in place the guard rails and are placing grout in the longitudinal pavement joints. To expedite the work, two teams are moving from the opposite ends of the interchange to meet each other. Completion of M60 Federal Route reconstruction is scheduled for the end of 2011, and the 500-meters long Vesennyaya Station interchange is to be completed by November this year.

The SK MOST Group of Companies

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