Construction of the bridge for passenger traffic through Selemdzha will be completed in 2016

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The structure has been under construction for three years.

In 2016, the builders promise to Commission the bridge over Selemdzha. The population of Tokur and Ekimchan villages has been waiting for this event for many years. The bridge will connect the “island” where these localities are located with the rest of the district.

Construction began in 2013. The project required more than four billion rubles.

While the construction lasted, residents of the district got to the “island” on the technical bridge. However, in may, the structure collapsed and an emergency ferry had to be launched.

According to the press service of the Amur government, in 2016, money was allocated from the regional budget for the completion of the bridge, as well as for the repair of the Zea-Tyga road, for the reconstruction of the Svobodnensky pass road at 122-129 kilometers.

“Amur news service”

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